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The earliest recorded appearances of concrete tiles are around 711 in Moorish Spain. These tiles were created using a mixture of sand, ground clay and colourful pigments and featured ornate designs and intricate patterns. These were used to lavishly decorate places of worship and public buildings like bathhouses and courtyards of the rich and powerful.

buy cement tile


In the late 19th century, cement tiles were again made popular in Southern France in the period between 1855-1875. Although in those days, they were popularly called encaustic cement tiles, they were similar in use and application as our modern-day cement tiles. Only a few decades later, cement tiles reemerged in Spain and had a heavy influence on the art and architecture of the Art Noveau movement.

Here at Riad Tile, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and dedication to providing our customers with only the highest-quality tile. Our cement tiles are lovingly handcrafted to high standards, and the men and women behind those tiles are some of the finest tilemakers in the business. They are artists and artisans with decades of experience.

So, if you want more information about our exquisite products, feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to exchange ideas with you on how you can make your dream space a reality with a variety of our handcrafted cement tiles!

Cement tiles have a rich history dating back hundreds of years. They are still very similar to what they looked like in the past, making them a unique blend of old-world style and modern appeal. Perfect for adding pops of color and classic patterns, encaustic cement tiles are also easy to coordinate with neutrals colors, so you can create anything from a small framed accent up to an entire floor.

Cement tiles have some major benefits. Because they are made from natural materials, they are environment friendly. Even when they are wet, they are one of the least slippery kind. Because each one is made by hand, customization is not complicated with minimum order quantity or shape limitations.You can use them as tile floors, walls, and just about anything else you can imagine, including coffee table and dining table tops. You can use these tiles in any way you like thanks to their multipurpose functionality. You could even tile the entire bathroom to give it the appearance of a modern wet room.

A skilled professional can complet quickly cement tile installation. Overall an excellent option for people who need their floors to look stylish in a short amount of time. Sealing the Cement Tiles pre and port installation highly recommended and our sealants are available at "installation tools and materials" section.

You might be wondering why you should choose authentic cement tile when you see so many mass-produced knock offs. The answer is simple. Nothing, absolutely nothing substitutes for the honor and care that goes into our handcrafted products. Enjoy the video displaying our artisans at work and imagine the pride you will feel enjoying your handmade tile. By purchasing directly from Granada Tile, you also save money with our factory-direct prices. You can order our samples here (link) on our in-stock tiles and see their beauty in your home or business.

"In the whole process of building a boutique hotel from scratch - including the construction, media and interior design - Granada Tile was by far our most professional partner. We envisioned a place created with Nicaraguan resources and Granada Tile is preserving history and formatting it in a contemporary way as we did. The quality of the tiles is outstanding and we would reckon they will still be there in hundreds of years. There is just one way to go when you are looking for original high quality cement tiles."

Granada concrete tiles are one of the most versatile residential and commercial products on the market today, and can be used all throughout a home and in restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, boutiques, and cafes. Get started taking advantage of all of the amazing benefits of patterned cement tiles today and fall in love with your transformed spaces, such as these:

Bathrooms: I just installed these tiles from Erin Adams design in my own bathroom and my search for those is what started this whole thing. Most cement tiles will work either on the floor or walls of your bathroom, but check with the manufacturer as some tiles will need to be sealed before they get a lot of foot traffic and water on them. Again, seal them after install and ideally keep sealing every couple years as needed.

Now that they are seemingly everywhere it seemed time to round up the largest resource ever to be on the internet of cement tiles. We chose our favorite from the resources, but there are many more so click on into the site to start shopping.

This blog looks fabulous, does not know existed a client recommended to me as I saw the name of our company Brothers Cement Tile Corp. in your post. You did a great job, We are a small factory cement tile handmade in the same way as their birth year 1857. We have our factory in the city of New York and very easy abscess, we have a lot of patterns, where you can choose you want, and be inspired to use the colors you like most

cuba has long captivated our imaginations with its vibrant architecture, heritage, and culture. this tile celebrates our vision of a small but stylish shop purveying the finest of cuba's cigars. it's no mystery why cigar shop remains a beloved pattern among our cement clients.

we're entranced by the almost endless possibilities of clé's handcrafted cement tile, with its silky matte finish, deliciously variegated colors, and possibilities for patterns both exuberant and subtle. cement tile offers the most vibrant colors possible in tilemaking, with remarkable value for the quality and variety they offer. it's no surprise that cement tiles have become one of the most sought-after tiles for use on walls, floors and patios, indoors or out (weather permitting), with myriad shapes, sizes, colors and patterns that are impossible to refuse.

for sealing cement tiles, clé recommends a 3-coat application of Stonetech Impregnator Pro Sealer from laticrete. An acceptable alternative is a 4-coat application Stonetech BulletProof Sealer from laticrete.

- if your project needs to turn a corner either inwardly or outwardly, mitering the tiles to meet seamlessly in a corner gives it the cleanest, crafted finish.- another way to complete your tiling is to run a bead of caulk or grout along the exposed tile edge.- if you have a painted surface next to your tile, you can choose to paint the outer edge of the tile to match the painted surface.- like with any of our tiles, you can also build out the sheetrock so that the surface of the finished sheetrock is flush with the surface of the tile.

our cement tiles come pre-polished with a smooth matte surface. polishing is a process where the cement surface "tooth" has been polished away and it allows the tiles to resist surface dirt. it also helps to begin their inherent patina right away.

each encaustic cement tile is painstakingly hand crafted, one tile at a time, to create solid or patterned tiles formed from pigmented cement. these tiles do not use kilns or other firing processes, therefore no fossil fuels are burned during production.

clé 100% guarantees that no two encaustic cement tiles will be alike. in fact, it is all these imperfections that designers find so captivating. if your design tendencies do not lean toward imperfection, then encaustic cement tiles are not for you!

due to the natural pigments used in production of cement tiles, there will be degrees of variation in color and shade in your order, therefore it is important to blend the tiles from all boxes once they arrive and place them in their installation area to ensure you have the layout you want before installing.

as noted in the variation and add on orders sections of our faq, color and size variation between production batches of cement tile, in addition to variation from tile to tile, is to be expected given the handcrafted nature of the product. this makes it unlikely that your sample will be a perfect match with your actual order.

-smudging tends to be more common/ noticeable on contrasting black and white patterned tiles.-in general, our recommended 15% overage should cover any smudging or clouding found within an order, however, if needed, tiles can easily be sanded down by hand with 400 grit sandpaper to fully remove any smudging or clouding prior to sealing.-all of our cement tiles have a pigment layer that is roughly 1/8" (+/- 1/16") thick, so sanding will ONLY effectively remove the top-most micro-layer of the tile surface to access the fresh pigment underneath.-cement tiles are traditionally not packaged with a sheet of paper or styrofoam between them as the tiles are generally still moist from production; during shipping, if packed with paper this moisture can turn to mold - or if packed with styrofoam, this can act as a moisture trap and contribute to clouding.

color and size variation between production batches of cement tile is a normal occurrence and to be expected given the handcrafted nature of the tile. please keep this in mind when calculating your order, and be sure to purchase enough material.

grout color selection is always up to our client and/or their design professional. however, clé is often asked for our opinion on best grout selections for our tiles. and due to the large array of grout colors that are now available, clé would like to offer this general guideline on a foolproof grout color selection for any of your clé tiles. 041b061a72


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