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Logo Quiz Fun Plus: The Ultimate Android Game for Logo Lovers

Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK: A Fun and Challenging Game for Logo Lovers

Do you love logos? Do you think you can recognize hundreds of logos from different brands, companies, and organizations? If you answered yes, then you should try Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK, a free Android game that will test your logo knowledge and memory. In this article, we will tell you what Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK is, why you should download it, how to download and install it, and some tips and tricks to help you play it better.

What is Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK?

Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK is a word game that challenges you to guess popular logos from various categories, such as manufacturing, cars, clothes, food, drinks, sports, tech, web, or service providers. The game has more than 1,300 logos to solve, divided into 22 levels. You will meet various logos every day and everywhere, on TV, walking along the street, in magazines, etc. How many of them are you able to recognize?

logo quiz fun plus apk

Features of Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK

Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK has some amazing features that make it one of the best logo quiz games for Android. Here are some of them:

  • It's free! You don't have to pay anything to play this game.

  • It's fun! You will enjoy guessing logos from different categories and levels.

  • It's challenging! You will face logos that are easy to recognize, but also some that are hard to guess.

  • It's educational! You will learn new logos and facts about them as you play.

  • It's helpful! Each logo has 4 hints that you can use if you get stuck.

  • It's updated! The game has frequent updates that add new logos and fix bugs.

How to play Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK

The gameplay of Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK is simple and intuitive. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Select a level from the main menu. You can start from level 1 or any level that you have unlocked.

  • You will see a logo on the screen. Try to guess its name by typing it on the keyboard below.

  • If you guess correctly, you will get some coins and move on to the next logo.

  • If you guess wrong or don't know the answer, you can use hints or skip the logo.

  • You can use one hint per logo. There are 4 types of hints: reveal a letter, remove letters, show the category, or show a fact.

  • You can skip a logo by spending some coins. You can come back to it later if you want.

  • You can also ask your friends for help by sharing the logo on social media.

  • You can check your progress and statistics on the menu. You can see how many logos you have solved, how many coins you have earned, how many hints you have used, etc.

Why you should download Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK

If you are still not convinced that Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK is a great game for logo lovers, here are some more reasons why you should download it:

Test your logo knowledge and memory

Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK is a game that will challenge your brain and memory. You will have to recall logos that you have seen before, but also discover new ones that you may not be familiar with. You will be surprised by how many logos you can recognize, but also by how many you can't. You will have to use your logic, deduction, and creativity to guess the logos. You will also have to pay attention to the details, such as colors, shapes, fonts, and symbols. Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK is a game that will keep your mind sharp and active.

Learn new logos and facts

Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK is not only a game, but also a learning tool. As you play, you will learn new logos and facts about them. Each logo has a fact that you can read after guessing it or using a hint. The facts are interesting and informative, and they will teach you something new about the brand, company, or organization behind the logo. For example, did you know that Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler, who was nicknamed "Adi"? Or that Starbucks was named after a character from the novel Moby-Dick? Or that Google's original name was BackRub? Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK is a game that will enrich your knowledge and curiosity.

Enjoy the colorful and user-friendly design

Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK is a game that has a colorful and user-friendly design. The game has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to play. The logos are clear and high-quality, and they are displayed on a white background that contrasts well with the colors. The keyboard is large and responsive, and it has an auto-complete feature that helps you type faster. The game also has sound effects and animations that make it more fun and lively. Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK is a game that will please your eyes and ears.

How to download and install Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK

If you are ready to download and install Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK on your Android device, here are the steps to follow:

Download from APKCombo or Google Play Store

You can download Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK from two sources: APKCombo or Google Play Store. APKCombo is a website that offers free APK files for various Android apps and games. Google Play Store is the official app store for Android devices. Here are the links to download Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK from both sources:

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The file size is about 15 MB, so it won't take long to download.

Enable unknown sources on your device

If you download Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK from APKCombo, you will have to enable unknown sources on your device. This is because APKCombo is not an official source, and your device may block the installation of apps from unknown sources by default. To enable unknown sources, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings on your device.

  • Tap on Security or Privacy.

  • Find the option that says Unknown Sources or Install Unknown Apps.

  • Toggle it on or allow it for the app that you use to download Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK (such as Chrome or File Manager).

If you download Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK from Google Play Store, you don't have to enable unknown sources.

Install the APK file and launch the game

After downloading Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK from either source, you can install it on your device by following these steps:

  • Find the downloaded APK file on your device (usually in the Downloads folder).

  • Tap on it to open it.

  • Tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.

  • Tap on Open or find the game icon on your home screen or app drawer.

  • Launch the game and enjoy!

Tips and tricks for Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK

To help you play Logo Quiz Fun Plus APK better, here are some tips and tricks that you can use:

Use hints wisely

Hints are very useful when you get stuck on a logo, but they are also limited. You can only use one hint per logo, and you have to earn coins to buy more hints. Therefore, you should use hints wisely and only when you really need them. Don't waste them on logos that you can guess easily or skip for later. Also, don't use hints right away when you see a logo. Try to think of possible answers first, or look for clues in the logo itself. Skip difficult logos and come back later

Another way to deal with logos that you can't guess is to skip them and come back later. You can do this by spending some coins, or by using the back button on the top l


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