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Subtitle What.Doesnt.Kill.You.2008.LiMiTED.DVDR...

The series was released on Blu-ray with a new chapter, Gekijō-ban Kara no Kyōkai Shūshō: Kara no Kyōkai, in Japanese with English subtitles.[11] A DVD of the said chapter was released on February 2, 2011.[11] Aniplex of America released the imported Blu-ray box set on February 8, 2011.[12][13] The box was immediately sold out and has not been reissued since.[14] However, the individual films were available for rent on the PlayStation Network until mid-2012. A new limited edition DVD boxset was released in late 2012.[15] Likewise, Madman Entertainment released a limited edition DVD boxset in October 2013.[16]

subtitle What.Doesnt.Kill.You.2008.LiMiTED.DVDR...

Onward. Another trend I've seen more of this year is collector downloading from the web, not to swipe new movies but to gain access to silent rarities and other exotic films that have never been made available and can't be seen in any other way. I've been invited to watch several films completely unreleased here, such as Peter Lorre's sole directorial effort, the German Der Verlorene. I've also gotten to see the rare silent Abwege, directed by G.W. Pabst and starring Brigitte Helm. Some of these downloads are in the .avi format and require computer hookups to play on a television; one friend has mastered the craft of downloading English subtitles for some films, subs generated by fans for films that have never been translated. But so far I don't see these habits being adopted by garden-variety disc fans, among which I firmly place myself.

If you do get ffmpeg working we can add it as a transcoding option. Handbrake does make it easy to do some neat things like only transcode only audio tracks in native language, get all the subtitles but only make the forced subtitle the default, identify the main feature of a movie, etc.

This should rip all subtitles, but it makes the English language subtitle track that is only used when someone is speaking a non-English language the first. (e.g. in Star Trek if someone is speaking Klingon).

Title: PUEBLOS INDIGENAS, LOSDescription: Los Pueblos Indigenas Hoy is a ten part series that is an educational resource about the indigenous peoples of Mexico. Sponsored by the Mexican government, the series aired on Mexican national television in 2010 in honor of the Bicentennial celebration of Mexican independence. It features studio interviews with indigenous people, including rights advocates and leaders. Each program is 55 minutes and is presented in Spanish and using Spanish subtitles to translate interviews, with two programs on each DVD.

Description: Aleida Guevara talks fondly about her father, the world famous Che. Aleida talks about the real Che, separating the myth from the man. This bilingual DVD contains a Spanish language version, and another version in Spanish with English subtitles. 041b061a72


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