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Child Of Light Update V1.02 PS4 ((LINK))

A new issue which emerged following the 0.6.0 update patch on 22nd September 2019. Every so often the light emanating from the Temple in Isle of Dawn would swell out in a black circle instead of being soft white light. This issue was addressed and fixed following an update.

Child of Light Update v1.02 PS4

The Shrine/Elder Stone remaining hidden in the Temple area of Hidden Forest was an issue which arose following the removal of candles from the Shrine in patch update 0.6.0. After lighting the rotating panel the Shrine is supposed to rise up from a hole in the ground, which lets players then kneel in front of it in order to progress to the next area - Forest's End. Instead, however, the Shrine did not appear and there didn't appear to be a way to open the doors to the next Realm. If players kneeled in the space where the Shrine was supposed to rise then the ground still glowed and players could continue on to the cut-scene and the doors opened to the Forest's End, however the Shrine remaining stuck under the ground was not supposed to happen. This issue was fixed in a following update.

Another new issue which emerged following the 0.6.0 update patch on 22nd September 2019. At the end of Valley of Triumph, when making the final journey down the sand dunes to the temple to end the level, players may find themselves suddenly in the cut-scene receiving a white candle in the Coliseum at the end of the race. Alternately, a spirit-like light appears on the left side of the track and if the player travels through it there is a fade-out as though a cut-scene will begin, then the level continues as normal. If the user goes back and goes through it again they will end the level prematurely and see the cut-scene of entering the Coliseum area and collecting their candle. 350c69d7ab


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