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This Thread About Peeing In Space Is The Best Thing On Twitter Today

From there, Kowal goes into detail about how the provisions NASA made for astronauts peeing in space reflected gendered design, rather than technological impediments. Particularly hilarious were the urine sheaths, which had to be sized "Extra-large," "Immense" and "Unbelievable" after male astronauts refused to pick the small or medium sizes. But sometimes NASA's imperfect plans for urination and defecation lead to some dangerous consequences, like how astronaut Fred Haise contracted a kidney infection from urine backed up in his suit during the Apollo 13 rescue mission.

This thread about peeing in space is the best thing on Twitter today

With the catchphrase "less is more: eliminating the 3rd dimension," 3D printer maker Formlabs decided to uncomplicate its product offerings for April Fools'. The Form 2D printer is all about printing things flat on paper. A pitch-perfect promo video sells the concept of simplicity for this revolutionary new product.

"We launched our campaign today, and had planned to reach out to people who had said something negative about coconut water on Twitter to tell them about Pressed Coconut," they told Mashable through Twitter DM. "We found Tony, who had previously penned an article saying coconut water was disgusting, and reached out for him to try our new flavor."

In any event, the division in our country today is being spurred on by people like Bosa and by those who choose to attack him by labeling him as a racist and a Trump follower.As I noted yesterday, at the end of the day, these conversation lead us to zero. Nothing gets accomplished.The only ones who benefit by this topic is the PD.

10 things John Lynch should do. 4-27-17.1. Think strategically. Trading back is shrewd and smart, especially for a 2-14 (4-12) team that needs more bodies..2. Be aggressive. Leverage that number 2 pick into as many second and third round picks as possible. Maybe even trade back from 34 (36)..3. Avoid the ACL risks. Niners need immediate help and do not have time to let them heal. ACL players rarely come back 100 % and tend to play tentatively because they do not want to risk re-injuring their knee..4. AVOID THE RED FLAG PLAYERS. If JL wants to rebuild the winning culture, he needs high character players. Mixon ( Foster, Joe Williams) and Brantley should be radioactive, and off their draft board..5. Make safe picks. Avoid the unforced errors like picking players who are too small (Borland) or too slow..6. If there is a player they covet, and he may be taken before they pick, spend an additional later round pick to move up (But make sure they are blue chip players. Maybe the best strategy is- saving their picks, being patient, and still getting the player they covet at the assigned draft number..).7. Make available every non starter as trade bait. ( Kilgore, Brown, Harold, MacDonald, Easton)..8. Do not make desperation deals. ( Too many trade ups). Do not let teams take advantage of the situation (Seattle). Only make deals that both teams can profit from, ( but do not help the Pats win another ring)..Think about the future. Accept deals that include 2018 (2020) second and third round picks..10. John Lynch should put on his Trader Bill Hat, and have fun.

But the last couple of days have sparked an interesting conversation around artists and ownership. (Joe Budden has been talking about this also but in the podcast space.) Artists have been mostly in support of Kanye. Something Kanye himself has acknowledged when he returned to Twitter after being kicked off of Twitter by Twitter for a couple of hours:

We are destroying what our country stands for in the name of saving it. The Republicans are really good at framing things so that bad appears to be good and they have the best help money can buy to accomplish this. Cathy - HI

I find it appalling that Bush and Cheney brag about torturing people something our first president adamantly despised and forbid as was the way until these two step into power. I am hopeful that we will earn back our respect in the world but it's not going to happen with our current president or democratic leaders and if the GOP receives any more power it may never happen. The most disappointing thing is this may not happen in my lifetime. Since my birth I have watched the American dream, upward mobility and basic care for all Americans wideied away by ignorance and the greed that exploits and encourages it continuance. I thought we had hope for real change with this president but he's no better than the last and any good he did is minimized by all the backward compromises. David - NY

The best thing about this country is the right to be wrong. In too many places in the world, being on the wrong side of issue, or being of the wrong faith or political party is a tragedy waiting to happen. We must prize this right, because it gives us the security that people often try to achieve by denying rights. Dean - OR

Too long have we lived a diminished life due to the threat of "the boogeyman." There are far more present threats against our well-being in this country. If we simply look at our leading causes of death, we can see that our obsession with smoking and burgers stacked four-high are claiming more lives than terrorists ever have. If we're going to fund a never-ending "war" against something, let's make it something practical. How about Big tobacco? Or perhaps the poverty that drives people to eat well-advertised garbage? It's time for us to learn from our mistakes, and move onward. Thanks for your time. Eric - NY

I grew up in this country, although I am a naturalized citizen. The commitment I made when I took my oath still means something to me. I wonder if members of Congress ever think about the oath they took. Jill - CA

Churchill said it best- The only thing we should have to fear is fear itself. Lets remember that this was said at a time when the world was seemingly crumbling around us. Lets not allow fear to rule over reason. Lorraine - CA

Throughout the prior decade, from the day I watched the Towers get hit and thanking the Goddess or whomever helped my 35(at that time 25)year old daughter arrive home from Manhattan 2 hours before the heinous atrocity occured, I could do nothing but cry. She never came home unless she called me to say, "Hey Momma-do, coming home to see you and Grams, okay?", I'd answer, "of course it's okay, I love you, be careful and I'll see you in about an hour and a half!", you understand she never came home on a whim but on 9/11 2001 she did. Throughout this decade I've watched our Constitution become decimated, the Nuremberg Principles ignored by the Executive Branch, the Supremes turn Corporations into people, watch the EVIL DOER[cheney] add an adjective to "Rendition" giving us "Extraordinary Rendition", Yes, Virginia there is a difference between Rendition and Etraordinary Rendition and I suppose 97% of these Imbeciles may have realized this had they been disembarking from their flight, grabbed from behind on that however many feet of carpet that says, "This [however many feet] is NOT a part of these United States, then become hooded, then flown to perhaps Syria, put into a ?cell? that's the size of a grave, shackled, beaten, tortured, (nope it's not "Enhanced Interrogation" ), waterboarded, bones broken, electrical leads attached to your testicles and shocked for however long they felt or until you confessed you were al Qaeda. We had the John Warner Fiscal Act of 2007 allowing Posse Comitatus and habeas, the Great Writ from the 13th century to be suspended. Allowing Martial Law to be declared in the US of A, meaning the National Guard can be activated and allowed under orders from the Exectutive to arrest Joe Smith from Green Street because, that's all just because. The Fourth Amendment being decimated thanks to FISA with Retroactive Immunity albeit Chris Dodd amended that Amendment it still was passed, allowing AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, they were the first 3, now whomever else they hire to tap and trap our phones and email, thanks to #43! Now that bush et al are able to have a warrant for arrest thanks to, and the Nuremberg if they put a toe in Switzterland they can be tried at the Hague for violation of the Nuremberg Principles, ergo no more lil' book tour. Our AG has not done a thing but others have and I hope I'll see justice done in my lifetime. I thank the ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights. Perhaps we'll see our Constitution restored and for that I would be truly grateful. Peace Rhoda - PA

Far to long the," PEOPLE OF THIS, ONCE GREAT NATION ", have been,"TO TRUSTING IN THE ELECTED", (nicer then saying most of us were, NOT PAYING ATTENTION, to what's been going on. This is & has been an ORGINISED, take over of our CONSTITIONAL RIGHTS, OUR FREEDOM, my systematic Destroying our Lives via,Jobs,ENTITLEMENTS, we PAID IN,"GREED".The fact is, the truth is in the,"PROFFICES", (cant spell), of the BIBLE, all the PERDICTIONS, of the end of this world in 2012. You all know about it. I TRULY BELIEVE, there is allot of truth in some of that, and whats going on today with DESTROYING OUR CONCTUTIONAL RIGHTS IS A BIG PART.One world Currency, NO MONEY, ONLY ELECTRONIC MONEY IN ACCOUNTS SET UP FOR EVERYONE. HOMELAND SECURITY, EVERYTHING. One needs to, "STOP, & THINK ABOUT OUR RIGHTS, THE REST YOU CAN PUT THE PIECES OF THE PUZZEL TOGETHER. WE MUST FIGHT BACK FOR OUR RIGHTS, AND STAY ON TOP OF ABOVE. If we dont try WERE DONE FOR !!! GOD, maby intended the above as a, "WAKE UP, LIVE RIGHT, HELP EACH OTHER,LOOK AT WHAT'S BEEN GOING ON. We may be given a chance to correct,PROTECT OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS. There are many, EVEL GOING ON, he DESTROYED ALL BEFORE. Wh have to start by PROTECTING OUR RIGHTS, AND LIVE LIKE THE GOOD PEOPLE BEFORE US.. Ronld - ID

Pee funnels come in all shapes, sizes, and weights. Some are rigid plastic and hold their shape which allows you to position them under your clothing. They won't collapse in midstream which reduces your chance of peeing all over yourself. Because they cannot be folded, they will take up a fair amount of space in your pack.


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