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Star Ocean Second Evolution Cheats

During a battle with Iselia, press the menu button when she starts spinning. Make sure you can see her when she is still in her spinning thing; wait a few seconds until you see Iselia's form change. While in the menu, your party cannot be damaged from her spinning thing. You can use this exploit against other enemies too, such as dream shades those warlocks and many other enemies.

Star Ocean Second Evolution Cheats

Money is so difficult to get at first in SO 2, so I hope these tricks are useful. First one, Bandit's Glove. Load a new game, but check to see if Rena has Sense of Taste before you save. If she does, re-load. Continue re-loading until your new Rena does NOT have Sense of Taste. Save and play normally until they are ready to go to Cross Castle. Go to Mars Village instead and buy some dairy products. Save and have Rena try to cook-boom! She gets Sense of Taste and you get 100 skill points. Now spend those points on the talent Playfulness and you have the requisite amount for the Bandit's Glove. I had my glove in an hour.My second idea is harder, and can be time consuming, but it was worth it to me. Buy and level up the skill Copying (Reproduction) for Rena to at least level 3 or 4 as soon as possible. Then pickpocket the old man standing to the side of the inn in Mars Village. He has a treasure chest. Go out of Mars and save, then open the treasure chest. Hopefully you'll get a Marvel Sword--if not, keep going until you do. Once you have your sword, save and have Rena try to reproduce it with the magical camera--I always save after each success and reload if she fails, so I end up with 20. They sell for an outrageous amount,so my coffers are nice and full before I start Lacour Tournament of Arms.

The charts below lists the chances of starting with and learning talents. The first number is the chance to start with the talent out of 100. The second is the chance to learn the talent out of 256. Example: Claude's chance to start with Originality is 60 out of 100 or 60%. His chance to learn it from using specialties is 30 out of 256 or 11%. This is only a base however, the chance to learn the talent increases by one point every attempt unless the base is 0.


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