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How to Find and Use Your iZotope RX 5 Serial Number

iZotope RX 5 is a powerful audio repair and enhancement software that can help you fix, edit, and polish your audio files. Whether you need to remove noise, hum, clicks, or other unwanted sounds, or you want to enhance the clarity, quality, and intelligibility of your audio, iZotope RX 5 can help you achieve professional results.

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But before you can start using iZotope RX 5, you need to find and use your serial number to activate the software. In this article, we will show you how to locate your iZotope serial number, how to download and install iZotope Product Portal, and how to authorize iZotope RX 5 using Product Portal.

How to Locate Your iZotope Serial Number

If you purchased your iZotope software through our store or a retailer, you should have received a confirmation email containing the serial number for your purchased product. If you have not received this email and paid with PayPal, please check your PayPal email as order confirmations are normally delivered to this address.

If you are a returning customer, you can view your serial numbers by logging into your account using your iZotope registered email address and password, and selecting Purchase History from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

Your unique iZotope serial number will begin with an SN and follow this pattern:


For example, the serial number for iZotope RX 5 Standard would look something like this:


Please note that the serial number is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as it appears in the email or in your account.

How to Download and Install iZotope Product Portal

iZotope Product Portal is a downloadable application that allows you to seamlessly manage your iZotope software in one central location. You can use Product Portal to register new products, download, install and authorize existing products, access trials/demos and expansion content, and update your products to the latest versions.

You can download Product Portal at the links below:

  • [Download for Mac]

  • [Download for PC]

We recommend the following minimum system requirements to run iZotope Product Portal:

  • Windows: Windows 10 - Windows 11

  • Mac: macOS Catalina (10.15.7), macOS Big Sur (11.7.4) , macOS Monterey (12.6.3), macOS Ventura (13.2.1). Product Portal is compatible with Intel Macs & Apple silicon (M-series) Macs in Rosetta only.

How to Authorize iZotope RX 5 Using Product Portal

Once you have downloaded and installed Product Portal, you can use it to authorize iZotope RX 5 using your serial number. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Launch Product Portal and log in with your iZotope registered email address and password.

  • Click on the Add a new serial number button at the top right corner of the window.

  • Enter your iZotope RX 5 serial number in the text box and click Submit.

  • You should see a confirmation message that your product has been successfully registered.

  • Click on the Install button next to iZotope RX 5 in the list of products.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install iZotope RX 5 on your computer.

  • Once the installation is complete, click on the Authorize button next to iZotope RX 5 in the list of products.

  • You should see a confirmation message that your product has been successfully authorized.

  • You can now launch iZotope RX 5 from your supported host application/DAW or as a standalone application.

If you need more help, see our [FAQ page] or download this [PDF guide] for Product Portal.

We hope you enjoy using iZotope RX 5 and achieve amazing results with your audio. Thank you for choosing iZotope!


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